Problem: Not having a lint remover when you discover unsightly lint or pet hair clinging to your clothing on-the-go.


Solution: LintCard is an ultra-slim pocket-sized, reusable lint remover that seamlessly brushes away pet hair and lint from clothes then conveniently fits your wallet like a credit card for piece-of-mind anytime, anywhere--21x thinner than a mini lint roller and lasts up to 2 years

Promotional Uses: trade show giveaway, creative advertising, direct mail, welcome gift, add-on to purchase, lead generation, fundraising, employee incentive, uniform accessory, and retail 


"Its difficult to stand out. No matter what you do in this business. However, pet hair is a common theme. LintCards helped us stand out...from trade shows to one-on-one meetings." - Founder, BabelBark


How to use LintCard How to use LintCard

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