Intellectual Property

LintCard LLC has been awarded patents and trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. LintCard LLC has a duty and a right to inform the market of our patent and trademark rights, and LintCard LLC will enforce its rights when necessary. As part of those efforts, below find our virtual marking.

LintCard LLC's products are covered by one or more of the following patents and trademarks, registered in the US and other countries. This is a non-exhaustive list. 


US Pat. D765,422 and Patent(s) Pending

CA Pat. Patent(s) Pending

EU Pat. Patent(s) Pending

When using the marks in publication materials that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate ™ on first use. For publication materials that will be distributed outside the United States, do not include trademark symbol.

Always use the appropriate trademark credit notice: "The LintCard name and LintCard trademarks are the property of LintCard LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries."