About Us

Our goal is to help people look their best when it matters most.

The founder of LintCard - Raph Thomas ­- was just getting his start as a professional when he realized:
1. how important that first impression can be in business, and
2. how hard it is to make a great impression when you don’t dress nicely, look good and feel refreshed on the go.

Going into a presentation after a long day of work and drive in the car, he had so much lint and hair on his clothes that he was almost too embarrassed to go through with his first presentation to senior management. In that moment, he needed a quick convenient way to freshen up before tackling an opportunity that could probably change his entire life.

He decided he needed a product that could remove lint and pet hair, small enough to fit in his wallet, and discreet enough for use anytime, anywhere. After reverse engineering multiple lint removers and contacting over 60 different manufacturers for ideas of how to make such a product, the LintCard was born.

He didn't want to stop at helping people look good before an important meeting, he wanted to make sure he could help others, particularly young people like himself, stand out. So after coming up with the product idea, testing the product with friends, and partnering with a manufacturer that can produce product at scale, he hired college students to help get things off the ground. The result? They’re getting the same hands-on experience & mentorship starting a business that he wished he had in college.

LintCard is really about opportunity: giving you the opportunity to present your best self, and helping others learn how they can best represent themselves as professionals.